Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lunch Safety Net

With second grade in full swing, I thought I'd post these speedy and healthy fallback menus for stuffing the lunch boxes and getting out the door on time:

MENU A: Turkey sandwich, applesauce, cereal bar
MENU B: Grilled cheese, trail mix, banana
MENU C: Soup, banana bread (or cheese and crackers), orange/apple
MENU D: Hummus and pita, yogurt, strawberries/grapes
MENU E: PB&J, string cheese, graham crackers

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Driver

Rob and I enjoyed a little sunset cruise in the open air Porsche this evening, but the screams from the backseat dampened the mood a bit: "My no like dis wind!"

Baby Boy Turns 7

Less Viva, More Fiesta

One year later, and Lucie still doesn't care much for the confetti-laden fiesta eggs. Her brother, however, continues to delight in her terror. Some things never change.