Thursday, December 11, 2008

You know its Christmas when ...

... you find yourself screaming "Who lost Jesus' mommy?!? Whoever lost Jesus' mommy is getting a spanking!"

Lucie, the primary suspect in the crime, remedied the situation by pairing up Joseph and the shepherd, which changes the nativity story altogether but also makes it so very California in 2008.

Welcome to the world. Now go home.

Yesterday Lucie tried to put Violet in the kitchen trash can. She didn't get very far on the first attempt, but then ordered me to leave Violet in the road while I walked her into preschool.

Is it normal for the middle child to turn homicidal?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All I Want For Christmas ...

Grayson completed a fast and furious, but three page, wish list for Santa before the big visit this evening. The number one request, which nearly got him boo'd off the big guy's lap, is for a baby brother. In the event that is not going to happen (which it most definitely is not), he agreed to take an Elf. Preference is for an Elf that is good with math and can help him with homework.

Lucie was fired up to see "that Christmas man" and give him a piece of her two-year-old mind. "My going to tell that Christmas man that Christmas sucks," she threatened the entire ride there. Yet when standing at the red velvet knee, her resolve melted like snow and instead she coo'd, "My want a kitty and a candy cane, please."

And the baby, well, she slept like a baby, of course.