Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boogie Night

Nanny Lauren was married this evening. The nuptials were celebrated with twilight toasts at the Maritime Museum, followed by dancing and merriment. Lucie couldn't stop gushing over Lauren's beautiful gown and the flowers in her hair. She sashayed around the dance floor and twirled her own frock, pausing long enough to do the worm and bust a couple of moves. Grayson was annoyed with all of the glass tinkling and the kissing that followed, but couldn't be stopped once the dance music began. The boy owned the dance floor. The sprinkler, running man, Egyptian, even his moonwalk brought the house down.

Lucie was worried on the way home, though, that her participation in the wedding dance meant that she too was now married. "My want flowers in my hair when I get married," she says. "But my want pink ones."

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Lucie woke me up yesterday squealing with joy.

"My so happy, Mommy!" she said.

"Why?" I asked?

"Because Grayson told to me that today is my birthday!"

One child crying, the little boy genius laughing, and a mommy caught in the middle between admiration for a pretty brilliant scheme and hurt to see such joy crushed.