Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Mommy

The Wagner Four toured the maternity ward last night in anticipation of soon becoming the Wagner Five. Grayson was very somber, sticking to his mantra of "I can't believe you guys are having another Lucie." He appreciated looking at the handprints and matching names on the wall of NICU graduates, and even found a Jesus, whose miraculous birth must have been before the recent remodel as there was definitely no mangers in sight.

Lucie had fallen on her way into the hospital, and was paranoid the entire time that a doctor would discover her injury and force an examination upon her. "Don't let dat lady see my knee," she'd say as she tugged her pant leg a little lower. And since the nurses frowned at jumping on the labor and delivery beds, the tour was of little interest to her 2-year-old mind.

Until we got to the nursery window. "Dare babies in dare!" she squealed with delight. "Hold me up! Hold me up so I can see dem babies!" There were four babies, all bundled up and hatted and looking like freshly baked loaves of bread, which the nurses were delighted to hold up to the window for us to admire. Rob literally had to restrain Lucie as she kicked and tried to jump through the nursery door. "My want to go in there! My want to rock does babies! My can wrap dem up! My want in there wight now!"

She's been blanketing her dollies and sashaying with them around the house ever since. She's our little mommy; except that she often carries a dolly in one hand and a pirate sword in the other.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I mentioned to Rob that the tree outside the kitchen window was in need of a trim.

Note to self: Rob is not to be trusted with the children's haircuts.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Laying Low

Wagner #5 has gotten fed up with the cramped conditions and decided to leave the nest early.

It started on Tuesday while watching "Wonder Pets" with Lucie and a sudden gush of blood. I can almost laugh now about Rob's initial reaction, walking in from the garage in response to my screaming and asking in confusion, as I stood in a puddle of blood, "What are you doing bleeding like that?" He recovered quickly and took charge and then used his EMT skills to run 3 red lights with our little white van on the way to the hospital. My angel of a friend Julie was on our doorstep in a flash to whisk away the children, and even cleaned up the blood and did the dishes and some math problems with Grayson. Karen fed them, Chris cuddled them, and I am overwhelmed by their TRUE friendship.

I had neither a bag packed nor the presence of mind to give any instructions for packing one, and the only thing that Rob grabbed as we ran out the door was my Easter dress from 2 years ago. Guess he wanted me to look pretty.

The best sight of all was walking into the hospital and being greeted by Dr. Sofici, the doctor who has done sonograms on all of the kids and specializes in high risk pregnancies and whom I adore and trust. He happened to be checking another patient and had the sonogram machine all geared up and waiting for us and was able to reassure us of the baby's health within just a few minutes of arriving. He said that the baby weighs 4.5 pounds and gave me an injection to help develop the baby's lungs rapidly. If we can keep it in for another week, they won't try and stop it after that. So, although we don't know quite what is going on (possible burst blood vessel?), as Dr. Sofici says, "We are ahead of the 8 ball just in case."

Although I'm thankful to be home now, the contractions haven't stopped, which sends me into a minor panic every once in a while, and puts the pressure on Rob to cook and clean and entertain the kids. He told Grayson to get dressed for school yesterday, and Grayson said, "I can't. Mom didn't set out my clothes." So Rob told him to wear an outfit that he's worn before because then we know it matches. So Grayson put on the same clothes from the day before and Rob just shrugged his shoulders and said, "OK, that works." Lucie is still a little traumatized by the blood (she asks about it frequently with her face all squished up) and keeps trying to stick Band-Aids under my dress.

So Baby Wagner, as your mother, I'm sending you back to your room for at least a 6-day time out, with love. Trust me, if history repeats itself, you'll suddenly find it too comfortable to leave and I'll be forced to evict you anyways.