Friday, March 23, 2012

Leprechauns and Tooth Fairies

After months (literally) of wiggling and pulling, Lucie finally lost her first tooth on St. Patrick's Day. It came out in a big glop of toothpaste as she brushed her teeth before bed, quickly followed by a fist pump and triumphant "YES!" Our household was already out to catch a leprechaun that night; now a winged tooth collector would be sneaking in among them.

When I asked her later whether she was ready to put her tooth under her pillow, she gave me a funny look. "I don't want to," she said. "I'm afraid that the tooth fairy will get eaten by Barley Pup." She would not be swayed by fairy tales or even the chance at $20 from her best friend, Kaci. Fairy safety remained top priority, and the tooth was safely hidden away where no fairy would ever dare to go (in the darkest regions of her sweater drawer).

The next morning she climbed into my bed for a morning cuddle, and said nothing about any nocturnal visitors. "So, did the tooth fairy come last night?" I asked, nonchalantly, as I smoothed her hair. "Oh yeah!" she remembered and bolted out of bed. She found her pink bedsheets sprinkled with glitter, and the following note tucked under her pillow:

Dear Lucie, 

         Congratulations on loosing your first tooth!
         I only have time for a quick little note, but I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to find the tooth you lost? The babies who need to grow teeth will find yours very useful, since I know that you take such good care of them – well done! We’ve been waiting for this tooth to come available all week!
         I’m afraid that I must fly away now – there are leprechauns causing mischief everywhere, and I’ve got lots of teeth to collect before morning.  I just hope the rest of the teeth are as nice as yours!
         Can I come back tomorrow night? Just leave the tooth under your pillow.

                           Lots of Love from Your Tooth Fairy,
She was enchanted.

The letter also reminded her that there had been a breeze through her room in the night, like wings fluttering nearby, and she was also pretty sure that she heard someone tickling Barley and that he really seemed to like it.

The future of the tooth fairy was secure. And Lucie did eventually get her $20, concealed within a box full of glitter (but no leprechauns).