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Here comes the sun

Just your average 87 degree Sunday in March! The kids smell like Coppertone, Lucie's intestines are trying to decide what to do with all of that sand and driftwood, Grayson STILL can't remember not to walk on the blanket, and my skin is tight with the first sunburn of the year. Yep, summer has come to Santa Barbara.

Grayson's opinion on the fairer sex seemed to have changed overnight. Today he revealed over our frozen lemonades that he and the fellas take their morning snack on the smallest bench on the playground. The reason? They all cram together tight with one bun off, one bun on so that no girls can sit near them.

Tonight I'm considering a move to Arizona, the one state in the union not to observe daylight savings and the one state whose parents didn't have to battle their children into bed tonight. Tomorrow, with the kids fooled into sleeping past 4:30am, I may reclaim my California pride.


Kirsten Mills said…
Yipeee! I'm so glad you started a blog Janice! I love your sassy, witty stories (the image of "one bun on and one bun off" the bench cracks me up) and the picture of Gray and Lu are so sweet! I will be a loyal reader and full of comments...
your fellow blogger, Kir
Brooke said…
Janice -
I love to read your stories! I, along with Kirsten will be reading them!

Hopefully we'll get to see you in sunny SoCal this weekend!! Go Disneyland! Boo Seattle rain!

Give the kids a kiss for me.
Sarah Camp said…
You've inspired me! What a great way to keep track of the funny stuff ... I love the way you write, too!
Grace Johovich said…
How great!! I am instantly entertained in my cozy little room, feeling close to you. How did the babies get so big so fast??
I commiserate with you about the time change and considered moving BACK to was my absolute favorite thing about being a "zonie". My morning walks are in the dark again...but the afternoons are long and peaceful!!
My love to you!! And, thanks for sharing!!

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